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Can I do sports after tattooing?

After the new tattoo is in place, you naturally want to quickly start again with the usual sports program. However, you should pay attention to a few things and first handle the tattooed area carefully.

It does not matter what type of tattoo it is. No matter whether it is a small, large, colored or white tattoo, the affected area on the skin should first be treated carefully. Due to the movement and also the contact with a variety of materials, infections can occur at the tattooed area, which in the worst case can ruin the entire tattoo. Therefore, sports that affect the location of the tattoo should first be paused. They can be temporarily exchanged with other sports or even completely replaced until the skin has healed completely.

Sports after tattoos on back / arm / foot / ribs

After a tattoo you should not practice sports that affect the tattooed area. A tattoo behaves like abrasions: wound secretions emerge and crusts can form. If the new tattoo is on the back, arm, foot or ribs, the restrictions are quite large. These parts of the body or limbs are subjected to a lot of movement with a lot of movements, so you should refrain from doing sports if you get a tattoo on your back, arm, foot or ribs. Almost every sport strains the feet, so the skin in this area is almost always in motion. Especially sports like soccer, jogging, handball and all water sports should be interrupted after a tattoo is done until the skin has regenerated.
If the tattoo is on the back or on one or both arms, a lot of sports fall out of the field of recommended sports. With many arm movements, the shoulder blades move, so a large part of the back also moves. The skin is stressed by the many movements. Since the skin has suffered many minor injuries as a result of the piercing of the tattoo, the additional movement caused by sport can lead to severe inflammation and pain, which significantly delay the healing process of the tattoo.

Due to the delayed healing of the tattoo, long-lasting problems can be associated with the skin, so the recommendation of the tattoo artist should be taken seriously and followed. In the worst case, the tattoo can change, so that the desired result is negatively affected.

Finally, it can be summarized that tattoos need a certain healing time, which should be adhered to, if you do not want to endanger your health or the tattoo. Therefore, one should suspend sports and movements that put a lot of strain on the affected body parts for a while. Usually, you are advised to take a break of 5-14 days, depending on the size and location. If you give your tattoo enough rest, you can enjoy the colors of the tattoo much longer than someone who starts sports again. One should be particularly careful with contact sports, since the risk of further injuries and contamination, in addition to the pain, is very high.

Can I do sports after a tattoo?

When you do a tattoo, the waiting time before you can start to exercise again is a little shorter. Post-piercing is usually not as complex and time-consuming as piercing a new tattoo. Nevertheless, the skin is injured here too. Therefore, you should not do without a sports break to allow the tattoo to heal. The advice of the tattoo artist should always be the binding statement. If you are unsure, you can use the advice of your dermatologist. In addition, the duration of the break also depends on the size and location of the tattoo, since each part of the body is stressed differently.

When can you do sports again?

The time when sports can be started again after a tattoo has been started largely depends on the type of sport you practice. The fastest way to get back to the gym is to exercise, because physical stress cannot harm the tattoo itself. Sweat in itself is not a bad thing for the tattoo. You can also buy an antibacterial cream from the pharmacy and apply it to the tattoo to prevent infections and inflammation. After two to three days after the lancing, you can start training in the studio again with restrictions. However, you should always listen to and follow the advice of your tattoo artist.
In sports where physical contact is inevitable, you have to pause a little longer. In sports such as soccer, handball or martial arts, the skin can be injured through physical contact, dirt and bacteria can get into the wound, which can then cause inflammation. Athletes who practice contact sports should rather do without the sport for a few days to a week after the tattooing. Exact information on the length and type of break can also be obtained from the tattoo artist or dermatologist.
Sports in contact with water, saunas and sun also have certain effects on a freshly engraved tattoo. If you practice water sports or like going to the sauna, you should wait about six weeks until the skin under the tattoo has healed completely. Competitive athletes can train in the water again earlier, but should use a water-repellent film and / or rub their skin with a protective cream. Especially the chlorine can be problematic and the colors in the tattoo fade.

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