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Jermichael Finley Suffers from Injured Neck

Jermichael Finley, the tight end of Green Bay Packers sustained serious injury to his neck during the fourth quarter of the match against Cleveland Browns, last Sunday. The injured player was immediately shifted from the field to a nearby hospital.

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According to Quarless, Finlay was unable to move after the impact. He just laid and didn’t move. However, the team management reported that after the injured player was taken off-the ground, he regained movement and was under extreme pain. The Packers is facing a tough time on the field and is already missing their best receivers – James Jones and Randall Cobb.

The Green Bay Packers’ tight end got injured at the closing point of 10-yard reception. He accidentally took a hit on head from Tashaun Gipson, the safety of Browns. The match was halted for six minutes due to the fateful event. When contacted, the coach replied that he had no information on the injured player.

Quarterback of Packers, Aaron Rodgers reported that the match resumed after their center, Evan Dietrich-Smith had a chat with the teammates. He even said that injury is a regular part of the game and they finished the match with a positive note. Jermichael was in the best of his forms this season and his injury reminded the game to be more challenging.

On the other hand, the alleged player involved in the incident, Gipson had been charged for initiating unnecessary roughness in the match that led to the incident. According to Jeff Triplette, the referee, Finley was injured since Gipson led the ball with his helmet. However, the accused is in all denial and retarded back saying that the incident occurred due to a shoulder hit as he was driving on to the ball and Finley came running in a slanting manner. He even reported that he had no idea where his fellow opponent was hit due to the collision.

Finlay faced straight knocks and was out of the field for the second time, this season. Even during the third week of the series, the player experienced concussion when George Ilolka tackled and hit with a helmet. Although Ilolka did not face penalty, a $15,000 fine was imposed on him for inflicting deliberate injury.

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