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Most Popular Sports Played in the Philippines

Know the Most Popular Sports in the Philippines

The Pearl of the Orient Seas, popularly known as the Philippines, is adored for its beauty. Its diversity and uniqueness determine the culture of the country. But most of the world’s population is unaware of the rich and diverse history of sports in the Philippines.

Sports like wrestling and martial art and its variants have been existing in the country for a long time. The local traditional sports are said to be created before colonial time.

Larong Kalye is the Filipino word for street-side or local games played. Since the country did not have much international recognition, the streets could be seen filled with children playing their favourite games. The Philippine childhood sports like Luksung Baka and Langit Lupa are referred to as Larong Kalye.

Also, these are some of the most popular sports played in the Philippines:

  • Traditional forms of Filipino sports:

-Local sports that are lesser-known, but quite popular in the country.

-Examples include the Sikaran, Sipa, Arnis, Sungka, Dumog, etc.

  • Non-traditional forms:

-Those played at an international level and are quite popular already.

-These sports are general, and not localized to the Philippines.

-Examples include boxing, football, volleyball, basketball,  etc.

The Philippines takes part in the Olympic Games. Since 1924 and 1972, they have been actively participating in the Summer and Winter Olympics, respectively.

Since basketball is the speciality of the nation, they have been making and breaking records on the court. The players have colossal fan support from their country. Also, Arnis is considered as the national sport of the Philippines.

Are you eager to know more about the sports culture in the country of the Philippines? Do you find it fascinating?

Several regional sports and games in this tropical country are not much known, but the concept and creativity involved are impressive.

Popular Filipino sports: The sports we know about

The sports field has been a favourite topic of discussion over the years. Some sports like cricket, football, hockey, chess, basketball, etc. are globally recognized. But every country might not like these sports. It depends on how well they shine at tournaments and events.

Also, the Philippine national sports events are conducted regularly and are recognized worldwide.

  • Basketball

Like every country, the Philippines also has a favourite sport, that is, basketball. Gilas Pilipinas is the team that represents the country at the international level. This sport is not just watched, but also followed by future aspirants in the Philippines. Star players like Jaworski and Yap are appreciated widely for their gameplay.

The performance of Filipinos in several Basketball tournaments and even the Olympic games, has been a wonderful one. The national organization for the sport is called the PBA (Philippines Basketball Association).

  • Volleyball

This game is undoubtedly one of the popular sports in the Philippines. The female volleyball team has been performing pretty well on the court. They have players who are not only popular but are responsible for the smashing victories and records.

  • Boxing

One more popular game that is enjoyed by the Philippines population is the sport of boxing. The Philippines has produced many excellent boxers like Pacquiao and Elorde. Many other talented boxers from the country have punched their way to get to the podium.

Even sports like billiards, badminton, tennis, football or soccer, and tennis are popular in the Philippines. Every sports trivia Tagalog must be knowing the details of all the popular games.

Inter-university sports leagues like NCAA, UAAP, etc. are quite popular amongst the youth in the Philippines.

The POC – PSC Games or the Philippines National Games is a nationwide tournament held every year. It was first held in 1994.

Local Filipino sports: A traditional touch

The native games in the Philippines are an example of how well the country has preserved its pure and attractive culture.

There are some variations and similarities with popular sports like boxing, martial arts, or football. The sports played are not just fun and exciting, but they do have a great scope. Many local street games have been a choice of the population of the Philippines.

Here are some examples of traditional sports played in the Philippines:

  • Sikaran: This martial arts form is a well-known sport in the Philippines. The game of Sikaran allows the player to use the lower limbs (feet) to attack or kick the opponent. The hands are strictly for the blocking action. It is just like kickboxing.
  • Arnis: The game of Arnis is basically martial arts but with the Filipino style. The prominence of this sport is the use of weapons.
  • Sipa: The literal meaning translation of the word Sipa is “to kick”. The players kick the ball on the other side of the net, that is, the opponent’s side of the ground.
  • Dumog: It is a variant of wrestling in which the players have to stand and wrestle. The player can grab, push, pull, and can score only after pinning down the opponent to the ground.

A fun fact about Sikaran is that it has an unusual move. This move is known as Biakid kick, which is a method to kick the backside of the head of the opponent.

Famous athletes from the Philippines

There are many leading sportspersons from the Philippines who have played at International tournaments and Championships. Their performance has surely not disappointed the nation.

The importance of sports in the Philippines has inspired many of the countrymen to step into the sports field.

Some of the sports personalities who have been popular in their respective sports are:

  • James Yap: Popular Filipino basketball player who is known by the nickname ‘Big Game James’.
  • Robert Jaworski: Renowned former basketball player who was inducted in the PBA Hall of Fame in the year of 2005.
  • Manny Pacquiao: This boxing champion, nicknamed as the PacMan, was one of the greatest professional boxers.
  • Gabriel Elorde: One of the best Filipino boxers with multiple records and titles. His nickname was ‘Flash’.
  • Feliciano Ampon: This famous Filipino tennis player is the shortest male tennis player to compete at the Wimbledon Championship.
  • Hidilyn Diaz: One of the famous female weightlifters in the country and a silver medalist at the 2016 Rio Olympics.
  • Alyssa Valdez: A famous and talented Volleyball player who hails from the Philippines

The love for sports in the country is everlasting. You may find a sports enthusiast at every corner of the Philippines. It is a matter of pride for Filipinos.

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